KALMAR Calm Deep Cocoon Shower Cream

KALMAR Calm Deep Cocoon Shower Cream

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Release stress and trust yourself to let go, honouring your body with the nourishing Deep Cocoon Shower Cream.

“Return to Calm and call celestial air into your lungs. Surrender to the comforting aroma of Iris. Let go, balance and ease any anxiety with powdery notes of Violet and herbaceous Lavender. Breathe. Start up your formidable machine. Be.” - Karen Ruimy

- How to use:

Apply to wet skin in the shower or bath, massaging in circular motions to activate the creamy foam, leaving skin beautifully clean. Rinse well. Soothing herbal and soft floral-heart notes of Lavender, Iris and Violet remain.

- Fragrance Ingredients:

Cool and grounding ozonic top notes combine with balancing Bergamot and open into soothing herbal and soft floral heart notes of Lavender, Iris, Violet, rich Vetiver and Frankincense. A woody and musky blend of Moss, Amber, Benzion and Musk base notes brings stillness and calm.

- Active Ingredients:

Passionflower, Lime Flower and Gardenia Stem Cells plus Amethyst extract.

200ml. Made in England.