Introducing Lilo, our in-house Health Concierge

Lilo Ask-Henriksen is an expert in health & conscious lifestyle consulting service, with over 8 years of supporting and empowering both men & women to make positive and most importantly, healthy lifestyle changes into their lives through daily practises to build healthier habits that last.

Lilo has an extensive educational and practical experience within the field of health & conscious living. She is extremely passionate about holistic health, nutrition, wellness and sustainability. She has a medical background as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Foundation Degree in Basic Science in Medicine, a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy and is a Certified Medical Laser Therapist.

Her journey stared when she was 16 and was diagnosed with glandular fever, which affected her immune system and energy levels a few years later. This forced her to give up on her dance career at the age of 19 and focus on her own wellbeing through a holistic and sustainable approach.

In 2019, Lilo made it to the finale in the BOOM Hero Awards: Best Organic Food Blogger, by Soil Associations, she was an official judge for the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards and she is an Ambassador for Riverford. She is currently Shortlisted for Creative Impacts Awards 2020 in the “Best Sustainability and Zero Waste” category. Lilo is also an official Ethical Influencer Member. Balance Magazine featured Lilo as the Top Natural & Organic Influencer to follow in 2019.