Through our carefully considered curation of brand partners, we aim to guide informed choices. We highly value transparency across all aspects of what we do, thus wish to share the process we use to evaluate potential brand partners as a guide to our values. Rooted in ethical processes and a conscious approach, we then turn to the importance of aesthetics. We believe in curating the most beautiful brands which have rich and purposeful stories, but equally that the products speak for themselves, and are highly desirable from a design aspect regardless of these credentials. This is very important to us that and the founding principle of our collective. Our interpretation of ‘luxury’ is in the accumulation of the below factors, it is what we like to refer to as ‘the new luxury’, in additional to our traditional understanding of luxury goods. We believe that luxury is integrity, transparency, respect and responsibility as much as it is beauty, quality and exclusivity. We onboard partners into the collective based on the principles which reflect our own philosophy and mission:

ETHICAL - A dedication to the elimination of poverty and exploitation across the supply chain. Commitment to fair trade and a respect for the human element at every stage of the design process.

RESPONSIBLE - Fostering environmental responsibility and prioritising considered sourcing decisions. Demonstrating efforts to reduce carbon footprint, adopting a mindful approach to waste and the exploitation of natural resources.

PROSPERITY - Facilitating the development of a buoyant financial environment for future generations to thrive, strengthen local economies and supporting the development of diverse employment.

COMMUNITY & EDUCATION - Continually committed to progressive investment in education and awareness, grounded in community development and empowerment.

INNOVATION - Pioneering products and technology, exploring the application of new-age technolo- gy to preserve and advance ancient techniques.

AESTHETIC - A fundamental ‘no compromise’ approach to design, embedded in an appreciation for incredible products by approaching their ‘responsible impact’ as an added value.

POSITIVE IMPACT - A commitment to giving back beyond product.

ARTISANAL - A continued commitment to collaboration with artisans using age old approaches, rooted in tradition to honour and preserve local art, heritage and culture. Engaged in celebrating craftsmanship, individuality and unique skills.