Four Ways to Style Your Denim This Season

Having launched earlier this year, seventy + mochi are doing denim the right way. By putting circularity and designing waste out at the heart of what they do, they are making responsible denim so you can shop guilt free this Christmas. They use recycled denim from their partner’s recycling plant in Karachi to repurpose waste. In fact, minimising waste is their core mission and they use off-cuts to make the patchwork on their statement masks and bespoke pieces. They have also developed the state of the art processes to reduce water and energy consumption, to ensure their production meets their own strict sustainability criteria and that of organisations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation who they have partnered with on the Jeans Redesign project. Their creative director and denim expert, Amy Roberton, is here to help you style your denim for the festive season.
What better way to wear denim than with more denim? From Joe Biden to Julia Roberts, it's always a timeless look. seventy + mochi are seasonless, so it makes sense that this is our favourite way to avoid trends this winter.   
As working from home becomes the new norm our loungewear is no longer a novelty. We don’t want to compromise on our own style standards, but comfort is now our first consideration when we wake up in the morning. Allow us to introduce the Iris jumpsuit, in the softest cotton twill. Style over a roll neck to keep you warm as the temperature drops. 
Sticking with the seasonless theme; we want to inspire you to embrace white this winter. Traditionally white denim is a summer look but we think there is nothing chicer than simple white denim. Wear with black for an elevated, monochrome style. 

The seventies is our favourite era, so this is the era we look at for inspiration. Indigo flares pairs perfectly with a cream roll neck. If you’re brave, this indigo belted jacket makes a big statement.



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